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Special Needs Trust Attorney in Gulfport, MS


Sometimes we face circumstances as a family where we have one member who needs help or can be benefitted by a commitment to a facility to deal with a mental issue or an addiction, such as drug or alcohol addiction. In those circumstances, we are continuously accessible and can provide immediate help to obtain a legal commitment for your loved one. If you have such a need in your family, please give us a call and we will help you and your loved one with compassion and fast action.

Special Needs Trusts

Family Law Attorney in Gulfport, MS

If you have a loved one with a special need or disability, please call us to discuss how you and your loved one may benefit from a Special Needs Trust. An advantage of Special Needs Trusts is that they allow you to make provisions for items that the individual needs without sacrificing his or her governmental benefits. Such a Trust may not only “save” money, but may provide needed items that the loved one would otherwise be unable to obtain.