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Family Law Attorney in Gulfport, MS

There are many working parts in a family and sometimes you need help. Coastal Law can provide you with the legal help needed in the following areas:

Elder Law Attorney

Do you suspect your elder loved one is a victim of fraud, unable to take care of their assets, or need a power of attorney? Coastal Law can help.

Guardianship for Minors

Coastal Law will be by your side when a minor loses his or her parents, or the parents are unwilling or unable to care for the minor, or the minor needs to file a lawsuit.

Adoption Attorney in Gulfport

Nothing makes Coastal Law happier than helping families grow through adoptions. Contact us today if you are wanting to adopt a child into your life.

Helping with Special Needs

Certain circumstances require legal intervention. We can help you with commitments and special needs trusts.

Wealth Preservation / Estate Planning Attorney

Worried about your assets or what will happen to your estate? Coastal Law is here to provide guidance and to get you set up with planning your families future.

Illness and Loss of Family Members

When a family member passes, how to handle the assets and liabilities left behind is easier when you have a lawyer helping you in the situation.

Breaking Apart / Divorce Attorney in South MS

Families break apart for a variety of reasons and Coastal Law is here to help during these difficult times.