• AARP Mississippi Legislative Update as of 2-6-15

    AARP Mississippi Legislative Update February 6, 2015 We wanted to provide you with an update of our 2015 legislative activities. AARP Mississippi’s key issue is The Caregiver Act, which would help more than 800,000 Mississippi residents who are caregivers at any time during the year. Rep. Toby Barker sponsored House Bill 840, and Sen. Terry

  • Neglect of the Elderly

    In my practice as an Elder Law attorney, I see elderly people who are neglected by not receiving proper food, medical care, or their prescription medicine. Legal intervention is often necessary to ensure their safety. Of course, the word “intervention” may scare elderly people because most seniors want to maintain their independence for as long as they are able to care for themselves, but the problem arises when they do not want to admit that they can no longer care for themselves. Often their decline will start with a fall.

  • 107 year old man has shoot out with police?

    The first problem that most families notice with an elderly loved one is usually that the elder is experiencing trouble driving an automobile.  It may be that he or she got lost while driving, drove the wrong way down the street, or was stopped by the police for other violations.  When the family starts noticing these first signs of a problem, the family should take the elder to his or her health care provider for an examination and ask the doctor to consider whether it is advisable to remove guns, knives, weapons, or other dangerous items from the home.

  • $$ Warning: Hospital Status: “Admitted” vs. “Observation”

    I received a frantic call from a client on Christmas Eve. Her elderly mother had been in the hospital for almost ten days with a broken bone, but the hospital had her status listed as in for “observation.” The hospital wanted to discharge her to a rehabilitation facility, but if she was not officially “admitted” into the hospital, she would be responsible for the subsequent rehabilitation bill; potentially costing her thousands of dollars. Luckily, this client knew to call her attorney to help get her mother “admitted” into the hospital.